Earth Day Fun

Earth Day Fun

They say timing is everything. Parents, are you looking for the right time to discuss important life lessons with your children? As parents, we don’t want to preach constantly at our children. We try hard to find moments to naturally introduce topics that will prompt discussions with our kids. Talking with children about ways to take care of the planet is no different. We certainly try to be good role models and lead by example, by showing our kids on a daily basis that we care about being earth friendly. We recycle, take reusable bags when shopping, never litter, and talk alot about being green.

Well, Earth Day is just around the corner, and what better time for parents to talk with kids about their responsibilities in taking care of the earth. Really, April 22nd will be here before we know it. Most school age children are familiar with Earth Day, because most schools have activities and curriculum built around this special day. If you have younger children or would just like to do your part at home in recognition of Earth Day, then there are plenty of fun activities for the whole family.

Keep it simple! Go for a walk or bike ride as a family. Talk about the birds, trees, wildlife you see on your adventure and what your children can do to protect it. It’s important to let them know that how they live and the things they do make a real difference. Walk through your home and ask your child what they think they can do to conserve water, reduce electricity usage and reduce waste. Let your child help with recycling. Give them items to place in the recycle bin. Kids are quick learners and before you know it, they know exactly what can and cannot be placed in that bin.

Gardening is a great hands-on activity, as well. Kids love to put their hands in the dirt. Grow your own herbs and veggies. Let the kids see first hand that veggies aren’t only found in the grocery store. They might be more prone to eating veggies if they grow it themselves! Planting a tree is always a good idea too. As you’re planting, talk with the kids about the importance of trees in the environment. Spending time in the great outdoors with your children is essential if you want them to develop respect for the world around them.

Parents, there are endless opportunities to gently teach your children eco-friendly behaviors. Turn off the computer and get the kids out from in front of the television, because there are plenty of great lessons waiting just outside your front door. Your children will love that special time with you. They will develop a great awareness and appreciation for the earth. While you’re teaching your child some very valuable lessons, you are making great memories in the process!

If you’re interested in some great crafts to enjoy with your kids, there’s a great website with plenty of ideas for a fun Earth Day. Just click the link below to learn more.