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Got Silk?

Okay, before you turn your nose up at the thought of drinking a glass of soy milk, just hear me out. I’ve been drinking Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk for quite some time now. The health benefits are numerous. One cup provides me with 5 grams of soy protein, loads me up with antioxidants, and provides me with 30% of my daily recommended requirement of calcium, just to name a few. Let’s be honest though, for most of us if it tastes bad, we’re simply not going to drink it. No worries here, Silk’s Light Chocolate Soy Milk is delicious. It has a very rich, chocolatey flavor. These are words of high praise coming from a person who does not like plain or vanilla soy milk of any kind! If it’s soy milk, it has to be chocolate for me!

The health benefits are impressive, and Silk does make a great product, no doubt. However, what is most impressive is this company’s efforts to be environmentally responsible. After months of pouring my daily glass of soy milk, I suddenly noticed on the carton a picture of windmills with the words “A plus for the planet” printed above it. This prompted some research on my part, and here’s what I discovered. This company is headquartered in Colorado and appears to take the health and preservation of the environment pretty seriously. Silk completely offsets all (yes, 100%) of their energy consumption with clean, renewable wind energy. In 2004, they were the largest company in the United States to purchase wind energy credits for 100% of their manufacturing and operational needs. According to their website, they use more than 700,000 bushels of U.S. organic soybeans in their products each year. They have also been the recipient of the EPA’s Green Power Leadership Award in recognition of their efforts in using renewable energy.

To learn more about Silk and their environmental efforts, as well as the health benefits of soy, just click the link below.