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Shower Curtains and Liners – Anything But Plastic!

What is a green, eco-friendly responsible person to do? So many choices with so much conflicting information. Do you choose hemp, cotton, organic cotton, or standard plastic/vinyl? We’re talking shower curtains here! Well, the choice for me was ANYTHING BUT PLASTIC. What happens to all of those vinyl liners once they have exceeded their life expectancy? Just imagine how long it takes for just one of those to disintegrate in a landfill!

By the way, what causes that new vinyl shower curtain smell? Well, here’s the scoop! A chemical by the name of DEHP is responsible for that clean, new smell. When you open that brand new vinyl shower curtain, the smell released is a result of the chemicals off-gassing from the PVC. That doesn’t sound very earth friendly now, does it? Not to mention, the potential health hazards associated with breathing in those fumes. It was found through one EPA study that when you open that new vinyl shower curtain, the elevated toxin levels released can remain in your home for a month!

I decided to purchase a mildew resistant commercial grade fabric shower curtain liner. I love it! When you feel it’s time, just toss it in the washer. I had mine for about two to three months before I could see any signs that it might need cleaning. Is there any downside to this more earth friendly alternative? Of course, vinyl is completely impermeable to water, so if you make a big splash in the shower, you may have a little water leakage through your fabric liner. A little water leakage vs. inhaling toxic fumes from a vinyl liner? I’ll take a little water leakage, thanks!

So whether you choose hemp, cotton, organic cotton or some other type of fabric, just choose ANYTHING BUT PLASTIC!