Organically Grown Grapes

As promised, I purchased a bottle of wine made with organically grown grapes, and as promised I am ready to render my very amateur opinion of the wine that was chosen. First of all, let me say that finding a bottle of organic wine was not easy. I did not go to a wine shop to make my purchase but to a fairly large chain grocery store that has always had a very nice, very large selection of domestic and import wines. The task was difficult, because there was not an organic wine section. This particular wine was mixed in with all of the other wines. After much searching, this was actually the only organic wine that I could find. I purchased it and hoped for the best.

The wine was a 2005 Girasole Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. It was a very nice wine with a smooth, full fruity flavor without the overwhelming oak flavor in many red wines. I thoroughly enjoyed this wine! I might suggest doing a little research online before venturing out to find an organic wine or actually visiting a wine shop where experts are available to help. I did my research after the fact and was actually very impressed with what I learned about Girasole Vineyards and their history of organic farming. If you would like to learn more about this particular organic wine, just click the link below. CHEERS!!