Polar Bears!

Polar Bears are amazing creatures. The first thing most people think of when you mention polar bears is that beautiful white fur. Did you know that polar bears can swim? They use their big front paws to push them through the water and their back legs are used for steering. The male polar bear can weigh anywhere from 700 pounds up to more than 1,500 pounds and be up to 10 feet tall when standing. Wow! Polar bears are the largest of all the bears. It’s hard to believe that polar bear cubs (babies) only weigh about a pound when they are born. Polar bears live in the very cold arctic where they stand on sea ice to hunt for their food. They usually eat seals.

Scientists have found that the sea ice from where polar bears hunt their food is beginning to melt since our climate is warming up. Changes in our environment could be causing problems for the polar bear. Many people are working very hard to save the polar bear. Keeping our animals and wildlife safe is just one of many reasons we need to work hard to keep our planet healthy and green. Recycling, turning off lights in a room when we leave, cutting off the water while we brush our teeth are little things we can do everyday to help save our environment.

If you would like to learn more about polar bears, take some time to check out the link below.