Shop online and save some green

With steadily rising gas prices, many of us are looking for any way possible to conserve fuel. Filling up our gas tanks is more painful than ever. Many are opting to trade in their larger SUV’s for more gas efficient vehicles or even hybrids. Those living in more urban settings may be opting for public transportation. Carpooling may be an option as well. However, the reality is there will always be errands and shopping that must be done. We try to be smart and efficient in the use of our vehicles by accomplishing several tasks in one outing. For those living in rural areas where it may be an hour to the nearest retail shopping center, fuel conservation can be quite a challenge. This is where the beauty of online shopping can truly be appreciated! What’s not to love? There are no crowds! You can sit in the comfort of your own home dressed in your pj’s if you wish, browsing through store after store that stay open 24/7! And guess what?  You’re conserving gasoline which helps your pocketbook and does our planet a world of good too!